The history of garage doors in Basildon

Basildon is an odd sort of place when it comes to garage doors. The sheer volume of them is astonishing, really. Due to the nature of its existence, the time it was built and the reasons it was built, the estates that sprung up in the early ’60s all had purpose-built garage blocks specifically for the residents to house their vehicles. Be it an adjacent plot behind the estates or a communal area central to the dwellings, the local authority deemed it necessary that garage doors in Basildon would become a major requirement.

When the larger estates, Craylands & 5 links were complete, hundreds & hundreds of garages were now ready to take on the influx of London migrants who hoped to begin a new life in Basildon new town. Incredibly, many of the original doors are still in use and are now approaching their 50th or 60th birthdays.

17 years ago I joined a local company that supplied and installed garage doors in Basildon and the surrounding areas. The then manager of the company was somehow able to acquire the contract for the renewal of the doors from the local authority and it changed my perception of Basildon completely. I found myself in areas I had never been to, constantly, and I have lived in the Basildon/Wickford area for most of my life. Most of these garages were owned by Basildon council, but back when he ‘right to buy’ scheme came into practice, many people bought their own homes and also decided to take the garage that they previously rented, along with their new house. Alongside the local authority work, we found ourselves being asked by the now ‘private’ tenants to replace their ageing door with something a little more desirable. The word spread and neighbours who saw what a new door could do for their home, & their lifestyle, began to approach us to see if we could enhance the aspect of their property.

Your garage door is one of those things in your life that you use regularly and yet do not think of very often other than when you open or close it. The problem comes when it doesn’t open, or close. This is the moment that people wonder who might come to fix or replace it. Before the internet, the only place to look for a tradesman was the yellow pages and people were often surprised to find an entire page dedicated to suppliers and installers.

Personally, I have fitted hundreds of new installation of garage doors in Basildon, from the humble up & over, side-hinged doors, insulated roller shutters and the ultra stylish sectional doors and continue to service the Basildon area. Confident that I have an understanding of its geography and the needs of the population, & I intend to continue bringing quality products & service to my fellow residents.

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